Nurses play an important role in the care of the future, especially in primary care, which is the care that is directly accessible to the patient. The aim of the collaboration is to optimize the role of the nurse in primary care. The Academic Apprenticeship seeks to achieve this by working on innovation in healthcare through research and education. "We aim to contribute to a better quality of care and a better quality of work for nurses, by working towards a learning and innovative environment. In particular, we are going to innovate together on the themes of task differentiation, self-management and care for the elderly. The themes fit in seamlessly with the research lines of the nursing science chair and the lectureship," says Dr. Nienke Bleijenberg, Academic District Nursing Apprenticeship pioneer.

Nurses of the future
"Nurses work together with students, teachers and researchers to address issues, in collaboration with patients of course. We train nurse practitioners, offer attractive internships for higher professional education students in nursing, and we encourage nursing leadership. It is expected that the effectiveness of primary care can be significantly improved by the proper deployment of the district nurses, clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners," says Bleijenberg. "In short, the right care in the right place by the right professional, in an attractive working environment where nurses of the future are trained!”