This app will allow residents of the province to monitor their health and get quick advice about a possible infection with the coronavirus (COVID-19). Users of this app fill in their health data every day, such as coughing, shortness of breath or fever, and then receive advice from a medical team of UMC Utrecht.The app is free and digitally counsels residents of the Province of Utrecht on their health during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. 

UMC Utrecht provides medical support and assistance and will roll out the app in close collaboration with general practitioners' organizations, health services and hospitals in the region. A medical team reviews the data filled in on a daily basis. This team consists of trained medical students, supervised by general practitioners and lung specialists affiliated with UMC Utrecht. They study the data and give advice on possible infection with the coronavirus. Patients will receive a message about this in the app. If the complaints give cause to do so, the medical team will call the patient to ask more questions about their health. If necessary, the team will advise the patient to contact their general practitioner. 

Especially in times like these, digital health is an important theme for UMC Utrecht, because it helps to provide the right care in the right place. The OLVG corona check is a good example of this. For the OLVG corona check, UMC Utrecht works together with the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam company Luscii and healthcare institutions in the Province of Utrecht. Developed by the OLVG and Luscii, the app will be rolled out throughout the Netherlands. If, following the OLVG corona check, the patient receives the advice to seek medical attention, UMC Utrecht will refer the patient to a healthcare provider in the Utrecht region. They do not have to travel to Amsterdam for this.

Prof. Dr Niek de Wit, Professor of General Practice: “This app enables residents of the province of Utrecht to monitor their complaints quickly and in a responsible manner. This will help to limit the pressure on general practitioners and hospital care as much as possible in these difficult times.” 

Registering for OLVG corona check
Residents of the province can register for the OLVG corona check at Please note: this app does not replace regular or emergency care. If you are seriously ill or in case of an emergency, contact your physician/general practitioner or call 112. Also keep in mind that your complaints may be caused by something other than the coronavirus.