Name Renée Filius
Date defended May 23, 2019
(Co-) Supervisors Prof. Dr D.E. Grobbee, Prof. Dr H.V.M. van Rijen, Dr R.A.M. de Kleijn, Dr S.G. Uijl
Title of thesis Peer feedback to promote deep learning in online education: Unraveling the process

Thesis summary
Universities are committed to deep learning. This can come under threat from two trends: the massive increase in the number of students and the increased offering of online education by universities. With a view to these trends, this thesis investigates to what extent lecturers can encourage deep learning in online education. 
Because of the often asynchronous and typed interaction, lecturers experience specific challenges in online education. Scalable lecturer interventions are described that can be used to tackle these challenges. In addition, mechanisms have been identified that result in deep learning.

The thesis hones in on the intervention of 'peer feedback'. This intervention results in deep learning, as students doubt feedback from fellow-students more than that of a lecturer, as a result of which they will think about it longer. Giving peer feedback appears just as valuable as receiving it. 

Lecturers can use the results to design and provide online education. Universities are advised to review their education strategy based on the current trends and the results of this thesis.