The focus of the department of (clinical) epidemiology is on the study of factors related to the occurrence of diseases or complications. The department also develops new methods for performing studies involving populations or patients. We perform diagnostic, prognostic, etiologic, and therapeutic research, centering on the clinical relevance of research and the applicability in daily practice.

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We provide education to Bachelor's and Master's students of the study programs Medicine (CRU and SUMMA) and Biomedical Sciences. We also offer the Master's programs Epidemiology and Epidemiology Postgraduate at the Graduate School of Life Sciences of Utrecht University.

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Our department conducts diagnostic, prognostic, etiological and therapeutic research. The focus is on three disease-related research programs: Cardiovascular HealthInfectious Diseases and Cancer. We also spend a lot of time and energy on the development of the methodology of research.
Our research is multidisciplinary and we work together with other departments of the Julius Center, divisions of UMC Utrecht, and other universities and research institutes in the Netherlands and abroad.

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The Epidemiology department can be contacted through its secretariat: +31 (0)88 75 593 59.