Diabetes self-management education in low-resource settings

Discipline: Global Health Startdatum: maandag 1 juni 2020
Studiejaar: In consultation Taal: English
Niveau: MSc Medicine, MSc Epidemiology (writing assignment) or SUMMA Locatie: UMC Utrecht and Africa
Looptijd: 3 - 6 months Contact: roberta.lamptey@yahoo.com


Globally diabetes is an epidemic. Over 19 million adults in Africa have diabetes. If current trends persist, it is estimated that this number will exceed 41 million by the year 2025. The economic implications for a continent with weak systems are dire. Type II diabetes is the commonest type of diabetes and constitutes over 90% of all diabetes. Type II diabetes is a potentially reservable disease however there is a critical period beyond which reversibility is no longer possible. Driving type II diabetes into remission is most feasible early in the disease, some studies have suggested, within the first 6 years of diagnosis.

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