Epidemiology Of Infectious Diseases

Infectious diseases are very common. We focus on the study of the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of infections. We also study respiratory tract infections that patients contract in a hospital environment.

About The Program

As regards respiratory tract infections, emphasis is on primary care research. A growing number of projects is aimed at the effects of nosocomial infections and the impact of antibiotics-resistant bacteria on the patient's prognosis. There also is a focus on the quantification of the (cost) effectiveness of vaccination strategies and mathematical modeling of the emergence and spread of all kinds of infectious diseases.

The program uses epidemiological ans statistical research methods, including multicenter randomized studies of the effects of preventive and therapeutic interventions, as well as large-scale and small-scale cohorts, case control and cross-sectional studies. The program works closely together with the research program Methodology.

There is also close collaboration with various other divisions of UMC Utrecht, including Vital Functions, Internal medicine and dermatology, and Child Health. The activities of Infectious Diseases are closely connected to the strategic theme Infection & Immunity.


The coordinator of the research program is Prof. Dr Marc Bonten 

Studies And Cohorts

Studies and cohorts of the Infectious diseases program.