Care Professionals & Postgraduates

Medics, paramedics, general practitioners and policy makers can all come to the Julius Center for further training or refresher courses.  We offer master classes and study programs in Public Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Our division also provides refresher courses for general practitioners, the courses of Cochrane Netherlands and the Executive Master of Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Health.

Cochrane Netherlands

Cochrane is an independent international organization. Our mission: to help healthcare professionals, policymakers and patients take decisions on medical treatments or diagnostic tests.

We do this by making information on the effectiveness of healthcare accessible in the form of systematic literature reviews. These Cochrane Reviews are published online in The Cochrane Library.

Cochrane Netherlands is one of the Cochrane Centers in the world that represent Cochrane's work. We provide methodological advice, draw up systematic reviews and provide training for postgraduates and healthcare professionals.

Post-academic education for general practitioners

The Post-Academic Education for General Practitioners (PAO-H) is part of the Department of General Practice. Every year, the PAO-H organizes refresher courses for general practitioners and trainee general practitioners. The objective is to enhance the knowledge and experience of Dutch general practitioners in pre-determined indication areas.