General Practice Training

General practitioners are key figures in health care, as the first and most accessible contact point for patients. General practitioners solve a lot of health problems, but also know where to refer patients with specific problems. The profession of general practitioner is constantly evolving and always varied and fascinating. From the common cold to a complex condition; reflection on the care provided and own actions are part of daily practice.

Becoming A GP

No day is the same. As a general practitioner, your day is different every hour, every consultation. Would you like to train as a general practitioner? Then you can find all the necessary information here.


Trainers make an essential contribution to general practice training. The postgraduate students' training focuses on learning in practice.

Structure Of The Program

The general practice training program lasts three years and has a dual character: one day of in-house training a week, the rest of the week you work in a practice.

About The Utrecht General Practice Training Institute

The Utrecht General Practice Training Institute teaches physicians to become generalist and critically thinking general practitioners with an eye for the patient.

Job Vacancies

The Utrecht General Practice Training Institute has some 75 employees who together ensure that postgraduate students are trained to become professional general practitioners.

Job vacancies can be found in the Dutch section of the website.

Important Information

Here, you will find all important and handy information, such as the institute regulations, information about exemptions and working part-time, as well as our privacy regulations and information about the counselor.

Post-Academic Education For General Practitioners

PAO-H provides refresher courses for general practitioners. The objective is to enhance the knowledge and experience of Dutch general practitioners in pre-determined indication areas. The subjects addressed are determined per year. 

Contact Huisartsopleiding

Huisartsopleiding Utrecht (Utrecht General Practice Training Institute)
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