PhD Candidates

Together with Utrecht University, our division organizes the PhD program Epidemiology. This program is part of the Graduate School of Life Sciences. The PhD program Epidemiology trains PhD students to become independent researchers and research consultants. The program also offers opportunities for a career in, for example, the pharmaceutical industry or the government.

PhD Programs

Utrecht University has organized its research programs' into six Graduate Schools. These Graduate Schools consist of a number of MsC and PhD programs in related subjects. They offer researchers platforms for collaboration and feedback and are meeting places for graduates, PhD candidates and researchers. PhD candidates of the Julius Center usually attend one of the PhD programs' of the Graduate School of Life Sciences.There are regular job vacancies for PhD candidates. These job vacancies can be found on the website of UMC Utrecht.

Relevant And Mandatory Courses

If you want to take a doctoral degree at the Julius Center, you will need to a attend a training program. This comprises general and specific courses, depending on the program you choose. Every PhD student must earn five credits of the European Credit Transfer System every year of the PhD period. In addition to courses, PhD candidates must attend scientific meetings in the Netherlands and abroad and take part in educational activities. Almost all PhD students at the Julius Center attend the PhD program Epidemiology. This MSC Epidemiology is mandatory, unless a student already has a registration as Epidemiologist A.