The researchers of the Methodology program focus on the development of new insights in and methods for the design, ethics, performance, data analysis, reporting, disseminiation and implementation of research involving patients.

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We continuously improve existing methods and develop innovative methods for research involving patients and other subjects: from design, performance and data analysis to reporting, dissemination and implementation of research and research results.

Methodological innovations directly benefit the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of research involving patients and other subjects. This is important, because subjects and financing are scarce. Employees from the disciplines Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Data Sciences, Health Technology Assessment, Public Health en Research Ethics work together closely in carrying out research into methodological innovations. Methodological research in this program is embedded in the six strategic themes of UMC Utrecht, and we work closely together with Utrecht University. We are also involved in numerous clinical trials and population studies, in which our methodological innovations are directly tested in the daily research practice.

Coordinator of the program is Dr Lotty Hooft.

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Studies and cohorts

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