Special research themes and affiliations

In addition to the four departments and research programs, we have a number of special research themes and affiliations: Global Health, Cochrane, The Healthcare Innovation Center (THINC.) and Julius Support for Research & Trials.

Global Health

Global Health is a focus area in healthcare that emphasizes improvement of global health and bridging health gaps between countries and population groups.


Cochrane is an organization that helps healthcare professionals, policymakers and patients take decisions on medical treatments or diagnostic tests.


The Health Innovation Center (THINC.) is part of the Julius Center. We are witnessing a considerable increase in innovations in healthcare. It is THINC.'s mission to study the potential impact of these healthcare innovations efficiently and close to clinical practice.

Julius Support For Research And Trials

Het Julius Centrum werkt samen met Julius Clinical en Cochrane Nederland in Julius Support for Research & Trials. Julius Support helpt onderzoekers bij het ontwerp, de uitvoering, de gegevensbeheer en het analyseren en rapporteren van medisch onderzoek.