We offer bachelor courses, master and pre-master courses and the MSc Epidemiology program. We also offer practice-oriented education in the form of supervision of internships and theses.


We provide bachelor's courses in different educational programs of Utrecht University and UMC Utrecht:

Master's programs

We offer the international Master's in Epidemiology. You can also follow this Master's online via the education portal Elevate, specialist in online education with a clear focus on the development of international healthcare.

We also offer the Master's in Nursing Science. Continued high-quality care constantly requires new knowledge. The Master's in Nursing Science combines scientific insights with experiences from nursing practice.


We offer all kinds of internships, both in the Netherlands and abroad. These include elective internships, scientific internships, BSAS/ASAS semi- and extraordinary semi-doctor internships, and internships for SUMMA students (Selective Utrecht Medical Master)