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Negotiating zoonoses: Dealings with infectious diseases shared by humans and livestock in The Netherlands (1898-2001)

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prof.dr. F.G. Huisman, prof.dr. P.A. Koolmees
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This history studies how the domains of public health and agriculture have negotiated control over livestock-associated zoonoses in the Netherlands during the twentieth century, and how the disciplines of veterinary medicine and medicine have related to one another in this broader context. Four case-studies of dealings with particular livestock-associated zoonoses in a particular period form the body of the thesis: bovine tuberculosis (1898-1956), influenza (1918-1957), salmonellosis (1951-1978) and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (1988-2001). These examples of livestock-associated zoonoses have been studied using a wide variety of primary sources, like archival documents, scientific journals, newspapers, and interviews.