The knowledge that we develop directly benefits society. We offer care through the RIVAR project, the NUZO Utrecht Care for the Elderly Network, and the PAZIO eHealth platform.

We also work together with the Stichting Leidsche Rijn Julius Health Centers. The five academic practices study cardiovascular and infectious diseases, new diagnostics tests, early detection of depression, and prevention.

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With the RIVAR project, we offer vulnerable infants added protection against stomach flu and diarrhea. RIVAR is the acronym of Risk-group Infant Vaccination Against Rotavirus.  

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NUZO focuses on "the promotion and enhancement of elderly-friendly developments aimed at the individual demand and individual management of frail elderly people and their informal caregivers and the vitally aging elderly and their network in municipalities and communities in the broad Utrecht region". 

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Quality care accessible to all citizens of Leidsche Rijn. That is our objective as Stichting Leidsche Rijn Julius Health Centers.  

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PAZIO offers an overarching eHealth platform in which online services of multiple healthcare and welfare organizations are combined for citizens. A single, safe point of access to online healthcare and welfare services. 

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