Is home measurement of oxygen levels in patients with (suspected) COVID-19 AND (increased risk of) cardiovascular disease feasible?

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Most patients with moderate to severe symptoms of (suspected) COVID-19 are treated by the general practitioner and monitored via telephone contact and/or with office and home visits. Some of these patients are later admitted to the hospital because of deterioration of the condition. Recently collected information about this new disease shows that a decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood, also called oxygen saturation, is an important indicator of deteriorating health. This can be measured using a pulse oximeter.

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This is a randomized controlled trial of the feasibility of home monitoring of oxygen saturation. A total of 50 patients can participate in the study. Half of the patients will receive the pulse oximeter to measure oxygen saturation at home, in addition to usual home health care. The other half of the subjects will form the control group and will receive the usual GP care (i.e. without pulse oximeter). Lottery determines who gets the pulse oximeter. Subjects will be asked to measure oxygen saturation three times a day for 14 days.

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Patients who may be eligible for the study (people aged 40 years and older with moderate-serious symptoms of (suspected) COVID-19 who are known to have cardiovascular disease or risk factors) will be enrolled in the study team by their primary care physician.

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Drs. Karin Smit, researcher and family physician in training

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